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Start-up Visa Program

Get to market faster with Bhive's Start-Up Visa Program

BHive’s start-up incubator program is specifically designed to support international start-ups a through the Canadian Government’s Start-Up Visa Program.

The Start-Up Visa Program is a pathway for talented individuals to join the country’s internationally renowned business ecosystem. By working with BHive throughout their Flagship Start-Up Visa incubator program, founders will get access to resources, connections, mentorship, investment opportunities and workspace they need to realize their full potential. 

As part of our collaboration with TBDC, BHive is a Designated Organization of the Start-Up Visa Program enabling us to support a company’s application with a letter of support, which is a prerequisite of the Canadian government’s program.

At the end of the program, applicants will receive Permanent Residence status and the tools and resources they need to launch their start-up in Canada successfully.

Start-Up Visa Program by the numbers

5 Weeks
Application Processing time
12-16 months
Application Duration
Program Costs
6 Months
Program Duration

Accelerate your North American expansion with the Start-Up Visa Program

What our Programming Includes

Why work with BHive?

Pitch coaching
Advice, guidance and templates on how to structure a pitch deck to present to investors.
pre-accelerator program
Pre-incubation support to prepare your business for success before arriving in Canada.
Grant access support
Advice on leveraging government grants, funding and subsidies for your start-up.
Transition into Canadian services
Helping founders (and their families) settle in Canada quickly so they can focus on growing their start-up.
One-on-one support from BHive
Individual, tailored support to meet your start-up's specific challenges.
Sector-specific referrals
Introductions to local customers, partners, suppliers, product testers, suppliers and service providers specific to your industry.
Access to labs & research facilities
Leverage resources at one of the 20 post-secondary institutions located just an hour from Brampton.
Networking events
Monthly events provide an opportunity to build your local network
BHive alumni pool
Membership in our alumni program and events to maintain and develop your network post-incubation.

How to apply to BHive’s
Flagship Start-Up Visa Program

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Step 4
Step 5

Online application process (2 Days)

Fill out BHive’s online application form, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email apply@thebhive.ca, and the Intake Team will be happy to help.

Internal review (3 Days)

The Intake Team will review your application to assess initial fit for the Start-Up Visa Program. During a video interview, you’ll have the opportunity to share more about your company, its current progress and your plans for Canada.

Due diligence (5 Days)

Your team will receive a Due Diligence checklist from the Intake Team. You will be asked to upload information about your company in three categories;

  1. Overview: Articles of Incorporation, Capitalization Table, Logo, Customer & Supplier Lists, and IP Docs 
  2. Financial: Two Years of Audited Financial Statements and Financial Forecasts
  3. Applicant Details: Proof of Personal Funds Resume, Passport Copy and Language Test Score

Panel interview (5 Days)

Your team will be matched with three mentors from the BHive ecosystem who have expertise and connections in your industry for a panel interview. During this 50-minute interview, mentors will dig deeper into your business plan, current offering and strategy for entering the Canadian market.

Program acceptance (5 Days)

If accepted, your team will receive a Start-Up Visa Program Agreement detailing the scope of the Acceleration Program. Once the agreement is signed, the Toronto Business Development Centre (BHive’s Parent Company and a Designated Organization) will issue a Commitment Certificate to Canadian Immigration, and a single Letter of Support to your team.

Who should apply

BHive’s Flagship Start-Up Visa Program is designed for start-ups that have generated revenue in their home country, have paying customers as well as market traction. Our program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build a business in Canada that:

  1. Is innovative
  2. Can compete globally
  3. Can create jobs for Canadians

Founders with a qualifying business must also meet the government admissibility requirements for the Start-Up Program, which include: 

  1. Fluency in English and/or French
  2. Sufficient funds to settle in Canada
  3. A letter of support from a designated organization 

Entrepreneurs who are accepted into BHive’s Flagship Start-Up Visa Program will receive a Letter of Support from BHive. Founders can then begin the application  process directly with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Building a foundation for success in Canada

We know that with the right team, early product-market fit validation and initial capital, the chances of building a successful startup increases significantly. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the program or start your application.